Friday, 24 August 2012

Colours of Spring...

While I was in my local shopping centre I happened to stop into Farmers. I was supposed to be getting tickets for my girlfriends and I to go to a local fashion advent that was fundraising for Plunket. While I was there I couldn't help but go have a quick squiz at both the kids section as well as the beauty department. Baby S was very taken with some wee clips (even though she has next to no hair) so of course I had to get them! (They were 30% off after all.)

 I was more interested in the make up section. Although I am avoiding buying too much new make-up (well until I get all these blemishes sorted) I saw that there was buy one get one free on some nail polishes! I cant resist a bargain! These are a cheaper brand but I thought I would give them a go. I got some lovely spring colours (Pastels are all the rage this spring) and thought I would try them out. 

They are Australis brand in the colours Peek-a-boo (#51059) and Sweet pea (#51055). Although I took these photos in natural light I didn't quite get the true colours of them, they are a little more vibrant that what is pictured here. I went to the website to see if their stock shots were much better but to be honest they are pretty much the same! It must just be the way they photograph! 

The application was OK, it says 'intense colour with a high shine' 'streak free' (I wrote steak free until I came back and changed it, I should hope they are steak free, but on that note the bottle does say against animal testing!). However I needed 3 coats on order to get a decent colour and that was with quite a heavy application. There were a few streaks but the colour did build up nicely.  (See photo below). The nail polish was only $13.00 (NZD) full price and I got one half price which I thought was pretty decent. I don't expect them to last forever being a cheaper polish but I will keep you updated on how long they last. 

Please excuse application, Baby S woke up after first coat so the rest were a rush! 

I can't wait for the flowers to really bloom and it is Daffodil day, daffodils are my favourite flowers and I love to buy a big bunch each yeah to support a wonderful cause. It represents the beginning of the warmer months and I think spring is just a beautiful time of year!

What do you love most about spring/summer? 

A xx

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