Monday, 27 August 2012

Goals updated.

I know my "goals" seem very silly to some, but I want to make small easy changes that will make my life easier. 

Anyways, my partner was away this weekend so I had a girls night, that was a bit of a disaster, a delicious delicious disaster. I was back on the wagon the next day with my no sugary drinks. I had only water apart from a OJ, which I think is ok. 

Also I have been wearing make-up every day and I even managed to blow dry and straighten my hair (which I haven't done both since baby was born). 

I am feeling good and after a wee shopping trip on the weekend I found I was a size smaller that I used to be and that I fit some things in stores that I thought I never fit anything in! Yay for being able to shop in regular shops. 

I am one that likes things to be flowy and nice when I wear them, I possibly fit things in regular stores before I had lost a little weight but I was not happy with the fit. I do not like to show my lumps and bumps. I will put up my lovely spring/summer purchases soon.

I am feeling better and a little happier in my life, just by achieving some small goals. I haven't weighed myself since i set my goals. But I think I might only do it once every 2 weeks otherwise I will be watching my weight like a hawk!

A xx

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