Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My *cough* lovely lady lumps

This blog is a mish mash, goals, dreams, things I love. 
However, this post is about something I don't love. 

My body. 

I am putting it here on the world wide web. I am hoping that this will give me the boost I need, to be accountable to someone else not me. 

Right here is me side on and front on, lumps bumps and all. 
I thought I would do it as soon as I got up this morning so I couldn't back out. (Although I didn't get to put them up until this afternoon!)

Side View
Front View. 
Right there I am in all my glory (P.J's and all) so lets hope the next photos I put up are a bit more palatable.

A xx

Update - As you can tell my blog has taken a slightly different approach, focusing more on the aspects of being a mother and my daily life. Although I am still aiming to loose weight I doubt you will see it or hear about it unless I achieve my goals. I want this to be a positive place for me to visit and I don't want to feel like it is a place where I have to go to write about my failures. I will blissfully ignore those for the present thank you very muchly! 

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