Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spring in my Step

Today I went shopping with my BFF (I am way to old to be using this term but I am on a sugar high so I shall let it slide) Liz and my other good friend Mel. It was my mission to get some nice summer/spring clothes and steer positively away from the black! 

I must say I did well, although I have an addiction to another colour. Peaches and coral (or various other shades of orange). We has a speed shopping trip while we waited for some fireworks to start. I will do a blog post about that soon.

Normally I go shopping and I find it really hard to get things that suit me. Being a girl that is on the chunkier side I often feel that everything is made for another shape that isn't me. Also all dresses are too short. I am 5'3" and I cant imagine how girls that are taller than me get on.

Anyway, here is what I have bought. It is just on a hanger because I don't have anyone to take photos. However if you a desperate to see what something looks like on the feel free to leave a comment and I can arrange something. 

The first item I bought was a cute peach cardigan from Glassons. I just thought that it was too cute to pass up with the subtle white hearts! These cardis are such a staple for any closet and are so easy just to throw on over a t-shirt.
 Second item was a cute sleeveless floral shirt from Jay Jays. Normally I go into this store and find nothing that I like but today I got a cute Shirt as well as a cute long necklace with a deer on it (aww, I love bambi!). I loved how long this shirt was, I think it would look great over some demin shorts during summer or even pair it with a long sleeved tee and some jeans in the cooler months of spring.

Third on the agenda was at Cotton On where I had a hard time deciding between this dress and a peachy coloured one in the same design. They were so light weight one a simple thing to throw on during summer. I didn't end up going for the peach because the colour was not quite vibrant enough for me. I like to call these mullet dresses, they are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Normally I hate this style with a passion, but they do it so subtly that its just pretty and flowy. 

Our last stop shop was at Jeans West where I just feel in love with this coral ombre top. It has batwing sleeves and it is just pretty and flowy, I particularly like the big band at the bottom and it pulls it in to give it a nice shape. It was just so pretty I had to have it as WELL as this gorgeous dress. I don't need another dress but I just loved the sweetheart neckline that always keeps my 'girls' inline.

I had so much fun with the girls before returning to the fair to watch the fireworks. There were two positives from this shopping trip. One, I didn't buy ANY black (this is a MAJOR) achievement. Two, I found out I had gone down a dress size from what I thought I was. Always a great way to give a girl a boost to her day!

What are some of your favourite summer/spring finds?

A xx

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