Saturday, 25 August 2012

You have to be in it, to win it.

Since March this year when my maternity leave ran out I have been a stay at home mother while my partner goes out and works 50+ hours a week. I love that I am able to stay home with baby S. I wanted to contribute something. Anything? Even if it was measly and small. I have made a few changes in our household to save money (any with a new baby that can be hard). So what have I done to save a couple of pennys?

1. I use cloth nappies. 

Yes I know, it seems like it is something from the stone ages. Cloth nappies? Pfft, we have these wonderful things that you whip off, roll into itself and through into the bin. I loved them too, trust me but I was spending between $30-40 on them a week which was just getting ridiculous.  Cloth nappies are almost like the ultimate baby accessory and they come in so many cute designs and colours that they become a little addictive! What started me on my cloth nappy journey was going to a workshop. I was still worried about the outlay of the nappies so used the two I got at the workshop for a while, then I WON some more nappies and have been using them almost full time ever since. Saving me tonnes of money!    Number two kind of leads on from this point...

2. Enter EVERY competition that you see. 

That's right. Be THAT person. Always on the look out for free stuff and competitions. I have won some amazing stuff this year and it has been really helpful, I will do you a quick list (off the top of my head)

- 6 reuseable nappies ($150 approx)
- 1 set of reuseable breast pads ($6.95)
- Skincare ($160 approx)
- Sippy cup for baby S ($5?)
- Flight for my partner to go and see family ($400ish)
- A goody bag full with lollies & treats ($20)
- A double movie pass ($35)
- Also I won a little bit of $$$ through a competition. 

I really on started this 'enter everything I see' (that is also useful to my family) thing in July. So I think for 2 months 'work' I am doing pretty well. Although it may look like I have won a lot. I haven't really in comparison to what I actually enter. However, most forms only take a couple of minutes to fill out and then I am in with a chance. 

3. Sign up for Samples. 

Another easy (and free) way to save a little money is Samples. I have had some many in the past that I have let go to waste. This WILL NOT occur again. Now I don't go and sign up for samples that I will never ever use. It is just a waste of my time as well as the companies. I do however sign up for ones that I know I will use. Baby products for Baby S, coffee and tea samples, cosmetics and skincare, food items. If you go around manufacturers websites and facebook pages they are often giving away free samples for you to try for free, and even better they usually accompany it with a discount coupon if you really do happen to love their product! 

I know these are not really the usual 'money saving tips' and I do have more (I will post them at a later date) but these are some easy and fun ways to save money. Your baby will look cuter and you wallet will look fatter. Remember every little bit helps. 

A xx

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