Sunday, 16 September 2012

Home Decor Wishlist.

I rent. I also like things I buy to be affordable. Most of my furniture and furnishings have been cheap. It is the way I am built and while I am a SAHM (Stay at home mama) it is the way I will stay. Although lately I have become very unhappy with the way my home is presented. I like things to be pretty. And although none of the wall colours are particularly to my taste, I have to work with them. I have decided that accessories are the way to go. Although these are cheap and I hope to pick them up relatively soon, these are some of my home decor wants at the moment. I will also keep an eye out at my local charity shops, who knows what beauties I will find in there!

The following items I found on the Briscoes website, bear in mind that these are sale prices, but lets face it, who ever buys things full price at Briscoes?

Glass Hurricane candle holder $3.50

Kas Basket Weave Cushion $23.99
Kas Sawyer Cushions $20.99

Bamboo Belly Lantern $12.50

Table Fair Bern Cream Table Lamp $35.00
I have decided to stick to pretty neutral tones as the colour scheme can change if we move house. But I want to make my home more lived in, more lighting things that match, or at leas compliment each other. The frames I have don't go, they are just the ones that have been given to me.

Also I want to follow the odd numbers rule. All things look better in odd numbers. So I have 5 picture frames on my mantle piece, which looks OK but they are mismatched. I would like to get them to match and compliment each other. I will be making small changes to my home over the next coming months, and I am hoping to do some DIY.

Comment below if you would like me to show you what I am doing and how I am doing it as I go,  I would also love any  tips. 

A xx

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