Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bargain Baby!

Today I went shopping with my mother in law. Of course we were shopping for Baby S (well it wasn't supposed to be, but that is how it ended up). We went to three different shops Pumpkin PatchCotton on Kids and JK Kids. We were just killing time but happened to stumble across some bargains that we just couldn't pass up. Baby S is 10 months old, and when she was born we were pretty much set for the first year of clothes. I have been pretty lucky and haven't had to buy her many clothes. But from the age of 1 we are pretty much starting over and that is (eeeeeeeek) 2 months away!

Anyway, onto the haul!

From Pumpkin Patch we got this cute wee cardi, its nice and light and perfect for those cooler spring and summer days (which was a bargain at $15.00 down from $32.99)

We also got this cream and red spotty top (for a tidy $12.99 down from $22.99)

From JK Kids we got these tights, which I think can go with so much because of the colours in them, plus great to wear until we really get into summer and they were only $4.20 down from $13.99

As well as this cute tea party long sleeved top which was discounted to $8.00 down from $15.99

Finally our last stop was cotton on kids, this is where i got the BEST bargain. My oh my, I loooove this wee coat, I fell in love with it and I wasn't sure we would get it, because its coming into summer and it was a size one, but at $10 (down from $54.95!!!) I just couldn't leave it behind and I am hoping desperately that she still fits it next winter, or at the very least autumn. *Crosses fingers for the next 6 months* Here is the coat, don't you just love the inside?

We also got these 2 pairs of leggings, which will be great for summer as they are thin. I particularly like the green ones, but then I have a fetish for pastels and floral patterns. These were two for $20 (usually $12.95 each).


Finally, we picked up another of these cute hoodies. She already has one of these are they are so so soft. They aren't too heavy for spring/summer and there are so many cute colours and patterns. This was a cool $10 down from $24.95.

I love shopping for wee ones, there clothes are always a much better bargain and sooo much cuter, plus they don't have to worry about whether their 'body shape' will suit it. 

What has been your best bargain of late? (Mine was definitely that coat! Squeee!)

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