Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bargain Vintage Books!

I am a book lover. Not just any books but children's books. Being an early childhood teacher by trade I just love a good children's book. Especially the ones that I read as a child. I often look around my local charity shops to find some really cheap treasures. Seeing as Miss S is only 10 months I don't see the point in spending $10-20 on a book when at this age it goes in the mouth and occasionally a wee accident happens and it gets ripped. I can pick up books anywhere from $0.50 - $3.00 and recently I have picked up some really good'uns. 

I just thought this book was too gorgeous not to get!

Look at the illustrations! 

A childhood favourite!

I never read "The naughtiest girl" series but I LOVE Enid Blyton so I thought I would pick it up!

Can't go wrong with a little bit of Noddy!

Love the illustrations!

OK. Can you tell who my favourite childhood author was?
 I just think all of her books were filled with mystery,
magic and imagination.

I think the most expensive book here was $2.00! I really want Sophia to grow up and read some of the books that I loved as a child. I love  these old books, for example, the far away tree book still has the original names, Jo, Fanny, Bessie and Connie. I think they changed them to Jo, Frannie, Beth and I am unsure whether they changed Connie. I used to giggle at the name Fanny, (and Dick which is in another of her books) and that is what gave them a little of their charm. So I refuse to buy the new 'updated' versions. Give me Fanny and Bessie I say! 

Comment below with some of your childhood favourite books? 
Or what bargains do you find in charity stores? (We actually call them op shops here!)

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