Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I dream a dream....

I was inspired by Louise at sprinkle of glitter and her post about "Mummy Dreams" she talked about all the wonderful things that she was looking forward to doing with her little girl as she grows up, and it made me think. What am I looking forward to? Sophia is only 11 months, so it is what I am looking forward to from this point onwards...
  • Watching her play dress up in my things and pretending to be me.
  • Baking with her on rainy afternoons.
  • Walking along the beach by our house, and waiting patiently as she tries to pick every little thing up or look at everything along the way.
  • Making her pancake breakfast every birthday (my decision for our birthday tradition)
  • Watching her twirl in the mirror when trying on outfits in a store.
  • When she can say "I love you Mummy"
  • When she finally kisses with her tongue in and her mouth closed (although I adore her spontaneous slobbery kisses too!)
  • Setting out milk and a snack for Santa on Christmas eve. 
  • Getting her to help in the kitchen and teaching her my love for cooking. 
  • Watching her at sports games/ dance recitals and seeing how proud of herself she is. 
  • Hearing the pitter patter of her feet down the hallway as she tries to sneak into mum and dads bed. 
  • Watching her be a big sister (one day...) 
  • Listening to her "knock knock" jokes and laughing with her (or at how funny she finds them)
  • Watching all the little 'shows' that children love to put on
  • Sharing some of my favourite books that I have kept since my childhood
  • Taking her to where I grew up, showing her the places that I loved to be
  • Writing her a letter every year on the eve of her birthday, and then watching her read them on her 21st birthday
  • Singing as loudly to the radio in the car, getting many words wrong and being completely off key (well I will be)
Louise was much more poetic and eloquent when writing her post, but it really got me thinking. Of course I am looking forward to the big milestones like her first steps and starting school, but there are so many little things. I love pretend play and dress ups and can't wait to share in these things with her. Being silly is my thing, and already I get a great kick out of being silly and making her giggle. I want her to have the same sense of fun in her life, a carefree attitude. 

Nick once challenged me to walk home from the supermarket in a thrusting action, I didn't make it all the way home, but I did go for about 3 blocks. I think he was more embarrassed than I was, but we were laughing and having a good time, and what was the likelihood of me ever meeting the people that saw me? Probably never. In fact, no one has come up to me yet saying "I saw you walking home laughing hard and walking like a weirdo" and even if they did, WHO CARES!

Right enough rambling, this started out lovely and nice and ended up with me talking about thrusting while walking (which by the way, I must add, is VERY difficult to do).

What dreams do you have for your children? What are you looking forward to?

Leave me a comment below, I am sure you will be more eloquent that I was and wont revert to talking about being a weirdo!

Much love and thrusting


  1. This is such a cute blog post! Xxx

  2. This is such a sweet post and one that you can share together one day :)

    Tanesha x