Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fitness fakeout!

Ok, according to my BMI I am obese. I am not going to sit here and pretend like that is shocking, I do have a little a lot of extra junk in my trunk, and you know what I would love to blame it on having a baby, but the truth is I did not put on ANY weight with my pregnancy, not one kilo or measly pound. I stayed exactly as I was before I had baby. Although I will not stop people from assuming that it was due to having a baby, assume away people! 

I would love to lose weight, but I have two problems. 1, I hate working out. 2, I love food, I love good food and bad food. All food is good to me. So you can see my dilemma  Although one evening while you tubing I thought I would look up easy home work outs. Now I am not going to tell you I do these every day because that would be lying. However, if I eat that last chocolate biscuit and feel guilty this is what I do to ease my guilt. 

Firstly when my podgy tummy is getting the better of my I do this quick but what seems effective (makes my abs hurt a little) workout. It is 5 minutes and it relieves a little bit of guilt or makes me think that I will be a Slim Jim by tomorrow. 

If I am feeling extra enthusiastic then I add in a little cardio, and by a little I mean a little! I think this video only ends up being about 6 minutes, just enough to get my heart rate up but to probably not be overly effective. It makes me feel better and my theory is that any exercise is better than none right? 

It totals to being less than 15 minutes workout, and less than 20 minutes video all up! For a lazy exerciser busy mother like myself it is perfect. I try to do them as often as I can, and I can just watch them whenever I feel the urge. So that is my fake-out workout, although it does get my heart pumping so its better than nothing right?

What do you do to workout?
Comment below if you are a fitness bunny or a fitness fakeout like me!

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