Monday, 19 November 2012

TAG: $200 Santa Wish list

Sam Schuerman did a blog post about what you would wish for if you had $200 for Christmas. I already know, and I have already been onto my partner about getting it for me. I want this bad boy here:

Oooo Camera sexiness!

Now I have a camera. But it is TERRIBLE. Well that is a lie, it is kinda cool. It is blue, that's nice. It is waterproof which is a really cool feature, but I have no need to take it underwater... It just doesn't take very nice everyday photos. Nick has an amazing DSLR camera, however, I am soo hopeless with it. I just want a snazzy point and shoot that is easy for me to handle. 

My old point and shoot was a Sony and it was AMAZING! I had it for years, it went around the world twice, took some breathtaking photos and then one night out it met a watery grave... the toilet in fact. NO, I was NOT taking a photo, I was in a bar and didn't want to put my bag on the floor and there was shelf behind the toilet but my bag wasn't steady, my bag fell over, and my camera fell in. Gross? Yes! But I had flushed and the barkeep kindly gave me a ziplock bag so no further contamination, just a few (wine assisted) tears!

Technically I am cheating at this tag. Twice. The limit is $200, but the tag I saw was by someone in the US, so I thought 'Well that means I can spend 200 US dollars right?' Fair enough, so I went over to the Sony website to find my baby I have been salivating over. Its $229.99. I am just going to assume that somewhere else has it cheaper or will do before Christmas. 

So Santa, I have been extra good this year. I hope I am on your nice list!

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