Sunday, 18 November 2012

To crunch or not to crunch... the tale of the soggy cracker.

I would love to be a crunchy mama. I would love to follow all that is crunchy and be the most crunchilicious mama out there. I am not. I am more like an old cracker that got left in the bottom of the packet, there is still a little crunch there but it is nothing like the other crackers. I am OK with being that cracker. I do not feel the need to be overly crunchy. I like my crunch, even if it is a little soggy.

Right, if you don't know what a "Crunchy" mama is then read this is what Urban Dictionary defines it as a

Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding,babywearing,
cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. 
One who questions medical authroity; tends to me vegetariean
 and/or prepares all-organic foods.

I think that pigeon holes the "Crunchy Movement" (if you want to call it that?) too much. I think it is about parents who follow their instinct and try to do the best by their children using the most gentle and natural way possible. 

I do some things with 'crunch'. I use cloth nappys (or diapers to you lovely Americans), I try to only feed my girl healthy fruit and veges and no processed foods. I  baby wear (the Ergo is my carrier of choice, but I LOVED the Moby until Sophia was about 4-5 months old). I kind of co-sleep, Sophias cot is in our bedroom and she starts the night in her own bed, and I try to settle her and put her back in there whenever she wakes, but more often than not she will spend half the night in with us. I am still breastfeeding and she is almost a year old, I am going to introduce other milks after her first birthday but I am not sure when I will wean her from the breast. I try to use all natural things on her skin, and I am a gentle parent and I try to never raise my voice or be harsh towards her. 

Now here is where my crunch gets a little stale. I don't buy organic food. In New Zealand organic is expensive! We are a single income household and if I want to continue to stay home with Sophia then I have to make some sacrifices. Organic food is one, I know that many people would not compromise that, but it is just too expensive for our limited budget! We buy plastic toys! I use disposable nappys overnight and also a lot of the time while we are out! I use a pram (stroller), a lot, Sophia likes it and it works for us. I have vaccinated Sophia and will vaccinate all my other children. I know this is a HIGHLY debated topic, now it is not that I am trying to start a debate. I am doing what I think is right for MY child and am in no way judging what people this is right for their child. Every family is different! 

These are just a few wee things. I am proud of the mother I am. I think I am a great mother, and I do what works for me and Sophia. She is loved and happy. I am not someone who thinks about the environment all the time but I like to try and do my bit. I like to be natural, and not eat too many processed foods, however I am not a health nut. I bake brownie. Regularly. (I may also eat half the pan... regularly). I just know that my baby is happy and healthy. Everyday I see her learn and grow, it is then I know that I am O.K. with being that soggy forgotten about cracker.

What kind of mama are you? 
What makes you proud to be the mama you are?

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