Monday, 10 December 2012

There ain't no party like a Birthday Party!

Sophia turned 1!! Can you believe it? I can't! (I am sure seeing as you don't know her you won't find it an overly shocking revelation!). I had so much fun (as well as stress) planning it! I was going to do a huge blog post on it, but I realised that I didn't photograph a lot of the food or anything like that! 

Her party was the day after her actual birthday (which we spent at the zoo) and we held it somewhere other than our home because it was not big enough. I was planning to go all out with this party because I knew Sophia I would love it. Lets face it, the first birthday is not really about the child. Sure they get the gifts and the cute outfit, but the glory is all ours! We are   celebrating her birthday  basking in the glory we made it through the first year with no major injuries! 

I decided to loosely base her birthday around a rainbow theme and went from there, I did not capture many pictures but here are some ones we did manage to snap!
The Birthday Girl!
Blowing out the candle

The awesome cake (if I do say so myself)
Happy after dad let me try some frosting!

Fun with the bubbles

Baby race! I made Sophia a rainbow tutu and all her wee
 friends one to match! But only Sophia had the hairband!

Throwing balloons about!

Such fun!

PLaying with my friend Addison

Yummy party food!

Party is over, giving my friends their goody bags!
We had such a fun time, I wish we had taken more pictured of her party food and decorations but we were far too busy having fun!

What is your best birthday memory?
Do you have any fun traditions?

Let me know if you want to see a post about our day out on her actual birthday!

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