Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My toddler has taken over my house!

Unfortunately here in our house I am playing second fiddle. My things don't matter any more and everywhere I look there are Sophia's things. She has more books in my book shelves. There are more of her products beside the bath than mine. My handbag is more of a nappy bag and where there used to hang pictures of Nick and I or pictures of our friends now hangs a picture of Sophia.

We managed to be pretty minimalist for her first year of life. We moved across country when she was just a few months old (and new about the move prior to her birth) so people were fairly restrained when she was born and Christmas. However, this year we have not been so lucky. She is the first grandchild in Nick's family and although she is the first grandchild for my mother on my side! So people love to spoil her. As her birthday and Christmas are less than a month apart, I feel like we have gone from a appropriate amount of toys, books and clothes to being overrun.

When we moved here we bought a very small set of draws for her teeny clothes and it was perfect. However, now her clothes are a little bigger and everyone (myself included) bought her far too many they literally do not all fit in her dresser any more. Everyday I feel like my living room is overtaken by masses of toys. So last night I decided that I would take away some of them, and set the rest out for her to see (so she doesn't just pull them all out too see what is there).

My camera was not charged, so you will have to do with my crappy mobile pictures. I have taken pictures of the little areas I have set up with some of her favourite toys. I am hoping that this will encourage her to play with them rather than just becoming DESTRUCTOOOOOR (read that like you would announce a pro wrestler about to come out onto stage, it has much better effect that way). Note, this is nothing fancy, but just a little experiment to see if it changed the way she plays with her toys. 

Here we have the storage boxes with books and a doll in a box reading nook, where Sophia can remove books and then pull out everything in storage boxes as well sit down and read some of her favourite books (all board books so I don't have to worry about leaving her to read them alone if she chooses). I have added the cushion and a cosy blanket for maximum comfort. Just to the left you can see that there is a puzzle for some more quiet play as well as her favourite doll all tucked up in her bed. 

Then we have the farmyard corner. Sophia genuinely loves these animals and all the noises this farm makes. Usually we just have all the animals in a wee container and the farm sits there. I decided to make it into a real wee farmyard to see if this encourages her to pretend a little more, or at least explore the set further. I think I will sit with her and play with this one, I love it too and I love hearing her make her animal noises. 

Finally I just have a few other toys she likes in her normal toy area with her toy box. She loves playing with her duplo, 'laptop' and rummaging in her toy box, so if she chooses it is still there for her to play with. 

So there is what I have set up for her, I will report back to let you know how it went. The rest of her toys are safely in the other room. However this is where she plays the most. I hope this stops my house becoming a disaster zone in 2 minutes flat in the mornings (I doubt it, but it is worth a shot right?).

Wish me luck 

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  1. My kids are at the age where If they bring a toy down it will go right back up when they are done. What is crazy is we may or may not go for a third and then the disasters will happen all over again.