Friday, 15 February 2013

Be my Valentine..

I have always been kinda against Valnetines day, thinkning it was just a wee bit of a money making scheme. HOWEVER, this year I did a little something to celebrate it without spending money on thee the junk they push at you (take that corporations selling 'love'). Nick and I have never celebrated Valentines, so he didn't get me anything, which I wasn't worried about! Sophia and I just wanted to show him how much we love and appreciate him!

The card we made!

The back, the middle just had a drawing from
Sophia and a nice wee message

Sophia's Valentines outfit, you will have to excuse the photo,
she is too fast for me these days  so it has to be an action shot!

The banana cupcakes with chocolate
butter cream we made, they say I<3U and <3U
and others just have hearts

"We <3 U"
Sophia's painting for Nick.

Yes stones were included in the design, and dried
stuck to the paint! It was a mixed media piece

So that was our Valentines, nothing too special but just something to show Nick how much we love him. We made some of his favourite cupcakes, and made him some keepsakes.

What did you do for Valentines?

Hearts and Hugs

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  1. Those cupcakes look awesome! Such a fun day. Your daughter is a very talented artist lol.

    I will first start out saying that I NEVER go as crazy as I went this year. In fact I don't even acknowledge this as a day where you should show love as you should do this everyday. Which is weird because I do love valentines day. I love the decor, all the cheesy cards. If it is decorated in pink hearts I want it. But usually we buy or make each other and the kids cards and cook together and thats it. This year on the other hand we went all out. Gifts for each other, the kids and I even bought my mom in law something. Then we went on a date. We went out to eat, caused chaos in stores and watched Warm Bodies. It was a good night.