Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Munchies!

Ok, I am an average cook, but I can not present it amazingly or photograph it well (I really should download instagram, all food seems to look good on there). However, the other night we had no food in the house, a few veges and come chicken drumsticks. So it looked like meat and three vege in our house, which is NOT a favourite. I know I probably could have whipped up some sort of casserole or something a little more eye appealing, but I did come up with something which was rather tasty. 

So here is the unappetising oh so delightful meal...

It's nothing special, just peas, carrots, broccoli, potato bites and coated chicken. It was the coated chicken that was the crowning glory. I quite often use chicken dipped in yoghurt and coated cornflakes and seasoning as a crispy coating which is just quick and easy. However, I had coated my chicken in yoghurt but realised I was out of cornflakes. Instead I used some breadcrumbs that I had made as a pasta topping (bread placed in the food processor with garlic and olive oil then toasted in a pan) some left over corn chips, and various seasoning. Then it was baked. I am usually a follow a recipe kinda gal, who tries lots of new foods, but out of a book. This chicken was super crispy, and soo moist and delicious. I just wish I could remember exactly what I had put in it. 

I love cooking, so I thought I would make this a weekly feature. Either a family favourite or a meal that I have tried that week. It will inspire me to try new things and hopefully you can enjoy looking at my triumphs and failures. 

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