Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Year Sucess

Oh hello second blog post. That's right, that means that I am up keeping one of my resolutions! So far I am having more success than last year so I am happy! So how am I fearing on the others?

Taking care of myself? Well I am losing weight (I know, I know I said that wasn't the point) We are doing biggest loser at work and I am on board so am eating healthier. I have a lot to loose, so I haven't really made too much effort on the exercise part to lose it.

Minimising the toddlers technology? Going great, TV isn't put on until she is gone to bed, and sometimes not even then. She hasn't been on the tablet and has watched a couple of 5 minute videos on my phone. She isn't concerned as long as she doesn't see me using technology!

Blog more? Tick.

Be a better friend? Meh, we are only a week in, I will improve ;)

Judge less? Well I am judging less out loud, I am keeping it to myself, so that's a start right?

I promise I have something more exciting coming up, I just don't have a laptop, only a tablet so have to get the pictures onto my email!

A week on, how are your resolutions? (Had a total mind blank then and almost wrote renovations!)

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