Sunday, 25 February 2018

Doing it all again...


Well, here I am at the beginning of another journey. I wasn't sure when this was going to start or exactly how it is going to end... but I am having another baby! I am pregnant with number two!

Wow, big deal I hear some of you say. We have all been there some have 3, 4 or 5+ children. This is very true, however I feel a little out of practice and almost feel like it is the beginning again. My older daughter is 6 already and we have been enjoying the freedom that comes with having an older child. Now I am right back at the start with the tiredness, aches and pains and I can barely remember what is was like to have a newborn.

I am very excited an already 24 weeks along. I have done almost nothing to prepare a part from buy a couple of outfits. We are also putting off the task of clearing out the office (a.k.a junk room) to make it Nursery suitable. I have a plan for the new Nursery and want to put together an inspiration/wishlist post. However, it will be a Nursery on a budget so I am sure it will stay nothing more than as a wishlist.

I am so looking forward to keeping a wee online diary as a second time (feels like first time) mama. Just so I can post thoughts feelings and little bits and bobs I like. I also have a youtube channel which I post the odd update on and you can find that here so feel free to head over and subscribe.

Until my next post
Ka kite ano!

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