My Family

My family. I have a beautiful baby girl (Sophia) who was born late 2011.

My life changed from the moment she was put into my arms. I won’t say I was ready for a baby (who ever really is) but I felt like I was prepared. A background in early childhood education made me believe that this would be a breeze. Oh how wrong I was. I am a stay at home mama to my gorgeous girl (for the time being) and love spending my days watching her grow from my little baby into a little person.
I also live with my partner. He works full time (and very hard) to support us so I can spend (at least) the first year with our baby girl. I would like to continue being a stay at home mama but we will have to see how that journey goes. I have until just after the new year to convince my partner that it is not necessary for me to return to work (Ha! Wish me luck on that one).

We live in lil’ ol’ New Zealand right at the bottom of the world. Its a small (and if I say so myself) perfectly formed little country. We have beaches, mountains and lakes all within a reasonable driving distance. Being such a small country, our families are only a little over an hours flight away. I urge anyone who loves the outdoors to come and take a look around my little slice of paradise.

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